Burneside Parish Council


       The Neighbourhood Plan    Full Team

                       Steering Group

Emma Butterworth
Tony Hill
Patrick Willink
Sue Cook
Claire Ellwood
David Ginsberg
Chris Granger
Jennifer Harrison
Mark Cropper
John McCurdie
Jannice Wilkinson

                                  Neighbourhood Plan

Keith Hurst-Jones
Brian Smith
Alan Thompson
Mark Baker
Steve O'Connell
Claire Gillham
Sue Clothier
Edward & Romola Acland
Judith Notley
Gill White
Alan Woollcott
Sandy Bradbrook
Gill Fenna
Phil Davies
Matthew Sanderson
Vicky Jones
Ellie Fowler
Barbara Duff
Jeremy Wilkins
Peter & Stella Crompton
David Bell
Dan Goodwin
Phil Hull
Peter Ashby
George Quale
Geoffrey Marvin
Martin Jones
Gordon McIver
Keith Garnett
Roger Leather
Christine Wood
William Hook
Bethan Little
Nick Dent
Sarah Hesketh
Phil Soan

                           External Councillors

Keith Hurst-Jones
Stan Collins

                                      Community Monitors

Nigel Davies
Alan Thompson
Peter Ashby

                              Burneside Parish Council

Nigel Byrom
Derrick Wade
David Ginsberg
Chris Granger
Jennifer Harrison
John McCurdie
Laura Miller
Tony Hill
Pennie Ridyard
Jannice Wilkinson
Arty Cropper
John McCurdie
Kevin Price


(1)     Matters to note regarding advisory committees of parish councils.

Advisory groups are sometimes used to take projects forward, using the help of people
with relevant technical knowledge. An advisory group consists of Parish Council members
and other non-members. An advisory group is not able to make Council decisions and can
only make a recommendation to Council.

(2)      Membership

The Group shall be chaired by a Parish Councillor, who shall report back to the regular
meetings of the Parish Council. Other members may be found from Parish residents, with
the approval of the Parish Council. Minutes do not have to be kept, though may be
desirable, and meetings do not have to be open to the public.

Burneside Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Terms of reference

Dear Councillor,

Nigel McGurk and Tony Hill met with SLDC on the 15th to introduce the revival of our NP.
The meeting was very successful and our representatives were warmly received,
I enclose notes of the meeting.

The way forward is set out in the accompanying document SLDC  Neighbourhood Planning Protocol.

Referring to item 7.2 of the protocol, the Parish Council will set up a steering group. This will leave the Parish Council to get on with routine matters whilst keeping a watching brief on the progress of the NP.

The advice given is that the steering group should consist of representatives of the PC, local business and members of the community and numbering between 10 and 12 persons.

After taking advice I propose that three Councillors should represent the PC on the steering group.

A resume of the duties involved whilst serving on the steering group is attached.

Appointment to the steering group will be by nomination in confidence, you may nominate yourself or another person.  I would appreciate you nomination as soon as possible.

It must be remembered that, although there will be non council members on the steering group, the process is strictly under the control of the PC in line with their terms of reference. A copy of the terms of reference herewith.

An obligation for the parish council, in order to receive the support of our lead authority; South Lakeland District Council, is to establish a steering group, to develop our Neighbourhood Plan.
This steering group will group with a professional, to draft our Neighbourhood Plan; steering it through the protocols, up to and beyond a community referendum.

Must be able to devote time, commitment and availability, to work on the development of our neighbourhood plan. It is envisaged that the period of commitment required is between twelve and eighteen months, as from April 2016 (it could take less time or, indeed, longer;
Should be prepared to work collaboratively, as an effective member of a team: sometimes taking responsibility for key elements; areas of research, planning and organisation and public consultation that contributes to the neighbourhood plan;
Will be committed to the Localism ethos. To have some knowledge of the Localism Act 2011, which challenges local communities and individuals to take more ownership and responsibility, for many aspects of their lives and local environment;
Should have some experience or understanding about project work; and
Should, above all, have the energy, enthusiasm and sense of purpose, with regard to neighbourhood planning; appreciating what it can achieve for our community.

David Ginsberg


​Terms of reference

Extract from Standing Orders

a    Unless the council determines otherwise, a committee may appoint a subcommittee whose terms of reference and members shall be determined by the committee.

b    The members of a committee may include non-councillors unless it is a committee which regulates and controls the finances of the council.

c    Unless the council determines otherwise, all the members of an advisory committee and a sub-committee of the advisory committee may be non-councillors.

d    The council may appoint standing committees or other committees as may be necessary, and:

i. shall determine their terms of reference;
ii. shall determine the number and time of the ordinary meetings of a standing committee up until the date of the next annual meeting of full council;
iii. shall permit a committee, other than in respect of the ordinary meetings of a committee, to determine the number and time of its meetings;
iv. shall, subject to standing orders 4(b) and (c) above, appoint and determine the terms of office of members of such a committee;
v. may, subject to standing orders 4(b) and (c) above, appoint and determine the terms of office of the substitute members to a committee whose role is to replace the ordinary members at a meeting of a committee if the ordinary members of the committee confirm to the Proper Officer 3 days before the meeting that they are unable to attend;
vi. shall, after it has appointed the members of a standing committee, appoint the chairman of the standing committee;
vii. shall permit a committee other than a standing committee, to appoint its own chairman at the first meeting of the committee;
viii. shall determine the place, notice requirements and quorum for a meeting of a committee and a sub-committee which shall be no less than three;
ix. shall determine if the public may participate at a meeting of a committee;
x. shall determine if the public and press are permitted to attend the meetings of a sub-committee and also the advance public notice requirements, if any, required for the meetings of a sub-committee;
xi. shall determine if the public may participate at a meeting of a sub-committee that they are permitted to attend; and
xii. may dissolve a committee.

Additional terms relating to the BPC  NP Steering Group.

The SG is appointed to ensure the execution of the PC’s Neighbourhood Plan.
The SG will represent itself as the SG and not as the PC.
The SG will at all times act in an advisory capacity to the PC and shall not take material decisions of behalf of the PC outside these terms of reference.
The SG shall have no powers to promise, commit or expose the PC to any financial outlay, except as in items 12 & 13 below.
The SG will keep proper records of meetings and submit copies to the PC Chair and Clerk.
The SG will submit copies of all correspondence, emails, memos etc as above.
The SG will submit a minimum of 3 days notice together with agendas of all SG and other relevant meetings to the PC Chair and Clerk.
The SG will submit to the PC Chair and Clerk the names of all persons appointed to the group.
The group shall consist of no more that 10 persons.
The SG will submit a comprehensive report of its progress to the PC at its regular meetings.
The SG will appoint a Chair and Secretary, both or either of whom will communicate directly with the PC and or its individual members.
The SG may organize workshops and drop-ins in the name of the PC according to a prior agreed budget.
The SG may hire the Church meeting room for meetings without prior request for funding.

June 26th 2016